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Top 20 #indiemusic Countdown [9/4/15]

Mike is counting ’em down yet again. And we will find out if Sophia has enough Mojo to remain at the top for a 4th straight week with “Crashed Into Me”. Join Mike as he spins the hits all the way to top of the SmackTongue charts! SHOW TIMES: 8pm eastern/7pm central/5pm pacific & again …

Great #indiemusic From Alex Brooks, Brooklyn Carter & More

Michael is coming with some SERIOUS indie gems that you MUST check out. He has NEW music from Alex Brooks, DJ Guilly Digweed (featuring Ami Dismukes & Lady Resin), Carvalho & more! You do NOT want to miss this awesome episode!SHOW TIMES: 8pm eastern/7pm central/5pm pacific & again at 11pm eastern/10pm central/8pm pacific. TIMES IN …

Vester Flanagan Is Black??? And More Conservative Talk!

Michael is coming & coming HARD on the topics of the WDBJ killings, the ridiculousness of race when it comes to the deranged & racist killer, the recent murders of cops (7 killed in 8 days) & Bill O’Reilly’s hilarious attempt to knock Donald Trump off the top GOP spot. SHOW TIMES: 8pm eastern/7pm central/5pm …

Jam-Packed NEW #indiemusic!

Michael has a boatload of NEW indie gems to drop on ya. He’s coming with NEW Kay Money, Cassius & Rinni Wulandari! SHOW TIMES: 8pm ET/7pm CT/5pm PT  & 11pm ET/10pm CT/8pm PT (U.S. Times) – 1am & 4am (Ireland & U.K. times)