Meet the Artists

Here are a few artists that have blessed Smack Tongue Radio with their talents! Click on their social media pages to check out more from these artists!

X Phaze

X-Phaze is an unsigned/indie hip-hop artist with miscellaneous styles ranging across the genre-spectrum. He had the honor of winning Hot 97’s “Time 2 Shine” Contest, opening up for Matisyahu + Rehab + Rittz, and performing at the 2012 Bamboozle Music Festival.

Morris Mills

Morris Mills is an acclaimed American singer & songwriter whose diverse musical style has caught the attention of notable industry figures. Find out more on his FaceBook page.

Big Nasty

Big Nasty was born in Chicago and started his rap career in 1986. His influences over the years have included Ice Cube & N.W.A., Jay Z and others. Big Nasty and K-Walt Smith are ther founders of Legend Entertainment Group. 

Acoustic Minds

Moody soul bass music. Just us. The AM. To find out more about Acoustic Minds, please click on the links below.

Like It Or Not with Michael Lane

Like It Or Not with Michael Lane is an internet radio show that provides entertainment that’s totally independent! Not only does Michael Lane hosts his own Conservative talk shows, he is the voice that debut great indie artists’ music that has been submitted to Smack Tongue, interviews artists of all such as aspiring models, authors, indie artists, actors and film makers, and host a weekly Top 20 countdown. 

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