Ladies and Gentlemen, Morris Mills!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Morris Mills!

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Morris Mills

Among many great memorable performing artists of our time such as the late “King of Pop:” Michael Jackson, Funk and Rock Legend: Prince and musical timeless Icon Smokey Robinson, there exists the fine lines of comparison between the versatile and eclectic MorrisMills. Mills is a Nationally well-known artist and musician stirring up a buzz in the Windy City of his hometown in Chicago, Illinois. His creativity had made a lasting impression upon many recording artists in the Industry such as Max-A-Million, Vasti Jackson, Bill “The Buddha” Dickens, Lee Fields as well as Rosie Gaines, Prince’s Former NPG band member who recorded Mills’ hit single “Steppin’ Out 2 Nite.” Professionally since 2000, he continues to grace stages and events across the country, opening for performers such as La Face Records R&B Artist John B., Sam Saulter and one of Morris’ musical heroes, the Architect of P-Funk himself, George Clinton.

Morris Mills began to embark on his musical journey at a young age, forming his own band and establishing his unique distinct sound to what it has been molded into today as a compressed fusion of solid Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk & Soul, set ablaze by a fire of raw emotions. The revealing is as real as it gets when mallet hits the mold to crack open “TheMorris Mills Experience.” The common distinction received by many of adoring fans and media personify Mills’ sound as containing a genuine quality of uniqueness to contribute to today’s music.

Whether it’s from “The Grammy’s from the Garage to The Grammys in L.A.” to his anticipated soon-to-be Sophomore Interscope Records digital release, “Beautified,” (awarded for best song in 2010), there is no question that Morris Mills is destined for greater success! “Beautified” will be that farewell departure from his first CD entitled “Love & Coffee,” a milestone to the beginning of the journey in his true calling in professional musicianship. The album will showcase an array of illuminating song concepts and tracks such as “I Love You,” which gives the album a vinyl kiss from the past, adding the perfect touch to creating a classic piece over timeless words enhanced by a a 60’s playground of strings and signature brass. Mills’ vocal abilities are intricately merged to enhance the inviting blends of melodies that conjure stories and experiences, sparking the imagination and soul of his listeners. Those familiar with the music in his world define the artistic nature of Morris Mills to be strongly captivating and relative.

As a captivator of his audience, Morris performed a cover of the “Smashing Pumpkins” song “Disarm,” rocking out the evening for the 4th Annual RAWards Semi-Finals which took place on Novermber 15th, 2012 featuring: body painted models, girls in tutus, extravagant hair styles, guests, RAW indie Artist Contestants and many supporting artists of all mediums, forms and genres. The event was also sponsored by a number of local Chicago businesses and organizations such as Cold Steel Vodka, Caribou Coffee, Laugh Factory Chicago and Bottle & Bottega. Being among the contestants up for “Best Artist of the Year,” Mor

ris Millswon over nominations earning him a place among the top 10 chosen contestants. However instead of taking home the RAWards title, Mills carried the honor of his first time being nominated since joining the organization as well as the experience of being introduced to more than just music. If Morris Mills were a painter, his canvas would be a collage of emotions depicted in vibrant diverse colors displayed as the art of his everyday life. And as an artist who has been performing for over 20 years, he is constantly evolving in his craft as a creator and visionary in his own right.

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