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Applause for Alex Brooks

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Every so often,the planets align,and a musical star is born.An event like this occurred on August 10,1983 in Miami Fl with the sonic birth of Alejandro Brooks.His parents Leonard and Darlah Brooks both are Native to the Roatan Island of Honduras,giving Alejnadro Brooks solid Central American Roots with a romantic island flare.Alejandro Brooks aka Alex Brooks is the second of several siblings,and for as long As he can remember they would sing songs together along with their Mother and Father who played the guitar.As kids they would play around recording themselves, then watch and listen to the playbacks to learn from.A pass time time that would later prove valuable and become a big part of his professional life.

A memorable moment for Alex was when he and brother Leo,wrote a song for their mom then sang and performed the song for the church on Mother’s Day where it was praised by all that attended.The Alex Brooks Family have been devoted church goers and participants of church events and activities,which for Alex also meant being part of the children’s Church Choir at a very young age.

A loving family,nourturing Parents and sound doctrine aroused many interest in Alex Brooks.A personal favorite and hobby he became a fierce nature enthusiast which led Alex Brooks to learn,breed,train and care for various species of animals which he continued to do for most of his childhood.Only trumped by his love for music, Alex Brooks joined the Middle School band and choir further fueling his passion towards singing and art.He recounts to me of a difficult time during these years where like many others he became a victim of bullying.Enduring,made him take more of a liking to the band class where he felt he could hide behind an instrument.

In High school he joined 3 bands making Jazz,Marching,and Symphonic band part of his everyday life.He played saxophone and like a true musician he practiced, and instead drew more attention to himself eventually becoming first chair.Alex Brooks persevered and overcoming adversity,built character.He’s learned life lessons at a young age and survived teenage persecution molding him into a stronger person.After graduating high school Alex Brooks continued to grow literally in every which way possible by learning to Appreciate all various styles of music and drawing inspiration from many different genres setting the bar at a high standard for his adult life.

Alex Brooks knew he desired a career in music,but most of all he yearned to sing.He realized he had to do more,work harder,and go after it,and being done with high school granted him the ability to explore his talents that led him in 2001 to an audition at Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus downtown,with which much success provided him a full scholarship and landed him a spot in a the MDC Jazz Vocal choir.Consequently,he took countless vocal lessons and honed his voice for several years.Alex Brooks was well on the his way to achieving his goals and fulfilling his life long dream.

During the next couple of years he met other rising artist like himself, and joined various bands resulting In him becoming a well known singer in the college circuits and local scene.He was part of U-Neek Stars,a dance team that performed at Video Music Awards (VMA’s)adding yet another skill to his vocal and performance abilities.His gifts soon got him into serious gigging and more professional venues in the cooperate world which had him performing Nationally In states ranging from L.A,NewYork,Miami and Texas,as well as internationally, in places like Spain,Greece,Aruba,and the Bahamas.He’s sang for sports and business world celebrities such as Serena Williams and Donald Trump,and has opened up for music mega stars such as Billy idol ,The Begees,and Jason Derulo.Further more Alex Brooks is an established songwriter with a repotoir of songs and popular placements such as TomBoy by Diana Espir feat. “Nelly”.

It’s needless to say that Alejandro Brooks has been cultivated in a musical environment.That he’s paved his own way into the music world and has made a name for himself through hard work,love and dedication.Its a pleasure to say the most exciting of these moments is now! Alex Brooks has currently released his first single entitled “ExtraMile”.This song truly transcends it being placed in any individual musical genre.Its Pop,it’s Rock,it’s Jazz,it’s Heart and Soul.Its a world apart and in a league of its own,yet relevant to all that listen to it.He worked on “ExtraMile” with geniuses such as Boris Muzychuk,Keith Ross,and Allen Ritter,which together orchestrated a masterful production.”ExtraMile” is love and all it’s efforts,and love is going the “ExtraMile”.Alejandro Brooks or Alex Brooks as many will soon come to know him,is genuinely talented with a unique style and a original sound.At 6’4″,Alex Brooks towers above the man.His has broad shoulders and even broader smile giving him the soft cheerful countenance of a mature and experienced human being.He’s as strong as a tree and built like an athlete,al

lowing him to move with the agility and precision of a dancer.He’s dark complection and a deep,raspy,talking-voice that would anyone off his impressive vocal range and his ability to hit the notes that he does.Alex Brooks is smart+bold,and his personality is naturally attentive to detail.His caring,loving person with a strong consideration for everything that lives.He’s passionate,disiplined and dedicated to his craft as well as highly ambitious.Alex Brooks is a good friend,and an excellent role model,not to mention a gentlemen to say the least.Alex Brooks is most definantly music and all it’s components.

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