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RedBaren 907

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Artist: RedBaren 907

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Location: New York City, NY

Song: “Money”

Twitter: @redbaren907 @IStillLoveHER


RedBaren 907 is back with another track.

The songs lyrics are a first-person narrative from the perspective of RedBaren907 confronting money. Red states that he wanted to create a song expressing the trials that a spirtually aware person feels trying to break free of this worldy life. Red’s fiery poetical lyrics and an intense beat by DJ Pain One makes for the perfect marriage.

The song features regret at its start: “You left my family for dead, made us miss you, my Mom worked two jobs just to get you”.
RedBaren will be dropping freestyles to throwbacks inside the “matrix” aka the world of Internet as appetizers while he is working on his project “Begin again”. The next song/video he will be releasing features Skyzoo in a track titled “All We Got”. Stay tuned!

About RedBaren 907
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The state of music needs to be brought back home to its original intent and Red Baren 907 is doing just that. Red is tough, a visionary, and fears only God. He is a musician with a passion for cycling; in f

act it was this love that inspired him to create his very own brand of music to ride to. Love him or hate him, the industry can’t package him into a comercialized personality, they simply must listen. He respects his listeners by requesting them to free their minds and look past the physical, because what you find behind that reality will be mind blowing. Welcome to Red’s world. His stylistic flow mixed with soulful vocals makes his sound one that is worth embracing. Seasoned with Hip Hop and sprinkled with a Soulful kick makes Red Baren 907’s music the kind that sticks.

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