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Artist: Beatnic

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Album: “Everyday Life”

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Artwork: See Below

Twitter: @The_Beatnic @IStillLoveHER


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About the Album:

Beatnic’s release “Everyday Life” is a collection of down right underground goodness!

This album is the essence of the proper ingredients
needed to create solidarity in true hip hop. Complete with smooth beats, phenomenal scratches, continuity with lyrics, and power house features, you will not be disappointed.

The album features AceyAlone of Freestyle Fellowship/Project Blowed, Brad B of Drunken Immorals, and all of Beatnic’s Avenue Of The Arts Crew.

Check it out and grab your copy below.

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About Beatnic:

Beatnic “The Enforcer” is an underground hip-hop artist with exceptional lyrical skill, considered to be one of the dopest lyrical tacticians in Phoenix, AZ.
Professionally rocking mics and live shows since 2004 , he continues to hone and polish his skills. Inspired by the Most High God , Beatnic’s lyrical content is abundant with edifying wisdom and conscious knowledge. ” Music is the perfect highway to deliver relatable life truths to as many who will hear it.”

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