Women being the breadwinner of the household.

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Women being the breadwinner of the household.

In this day and age, this is not unusual. The wife taking on the responsibility as the breadwinner of the household while the husband has the title of “stay at home” dad or working part-time (or possibly full-time) making less money than their counterpart. Do you feel as though the man suppose to be the breadwinner, taking on much of the responsibilities? Does your view on the stay-at-home dad paints a negative view on what a man suppose to be?

In my honest opinion, it depends on the family and their needs. There may be a reason why the wife decides to work and the husband stays at home, or makes the least. The wife could have been working hard to get to the position she have and just ended up making more since the husband’s skill set is not as advanced as the hers. There could be a lot of reasons why this is happening, but it works well for the family. If they are happy with that situation, then I am ecstatic! My only issue would be the husband who is just not trying to find anything, or do anything to help his wife and the wife is practically beating herself up, everyday, working two jobs, trying to make ends meet while he is at home on Facebook, Twitter (not for business purposes) or playing a video game all day. Damned if they have kids! What image does this put in the child’s mind? I am afraid that the son will grow up thinking it is ok to be a lazy ass and let his wife handle everything or that the daughter will grow up looking at her parents, especially the father, in a negative way. She may scrutinize each and every guy she comes across, which isn’t a bad thing to do, but to do it to an extreme to whereas she may miss out on a great guy. Or possibly it may show them how not to be when they get older. Only time will tell.

I am all for wives being the breadwinner of the family, but for the right reasons! Ladies, if you have someone that is really not looking out for you or to help you provide a home for the family, ask yourself; why are you putting up with this? Is this love? Is this what a partnership suppose to be like when there is one only putting in the effort to keep up the household? And yes, being married is a partnership! If you have someone like this then you are basically raising a child! Hopefully you

are not keeping him around just for the sake of having a man! Girl, if you can hold down a household by yourself, buy a dildo and call it whoever you want! But seriously, I would want you all to have a serious talk with your husbands and tell him that this isn’t fair to you. I wouldn’t necessarily deem this as a reason to divorce, but if he is unwilling then yeah, it’s time to reconsider your living situations with him! NOW IF YOU ARE NOT MARRIED, OR IN A LONG TERM COMMITTED PARTNERSHIP, THE DILDO REFERENCED EARLIER IS FOR YOU UNTIL THE RIGHT ONE COMES ALONG! YOU AIN’T GOT TIME TO TAKE CARE OF NOBODY’S GROWN KID!

Ok, I think this is enough for one blog! Time for you to give feedback. If you were in this similar situation, what did you do to resolve it? Please leave comments below, or you can email me at teejaythecohost@gmail.com. I look forward to reading! Love and God Bless!


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  1. Michael Lane Michael Lane says:

    You’re right. It all depends on the situation. I can write a book on this because there can be so many situations. But I’ll use a couple scenarios. If the guy is a gamer or couch potato, my question would be “why make dude your soulmate?”. It’s almost like a reward for his faults. Encouraging laziness makes the man worse. But since the woman can’t turn back time, she must have an honest conversation with him.
    Here is the twist. Whether the dude is a lazy ass or a down-on-his-luck guy, the woman should do more than just use words. Since the woman or wife is in a “partnership”, they should help the man help the family. Find out his specialties & what he needs to get in that field. If the proper tools or documents needed are provided for him to enter the workforce and he STILL doesn’t take advantage, it’s time to move on. Now I’m not going after all men in that situation. There are issues like layoffs, fighting to clear criminal records & this economy where over 90 million Americans are out of work. I’m just saying that a real man would be ashamed to be in that position. To be honest, I can sorta relate to this.

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