Welcome to Tee Jay’s Corner (So Late Intro)

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Welcome to Tee Jay’s Corner (So Late Intro)

This is sooo late because I have already posted two topics! My apologies for the late introduction.

Hey everybody! This is Tee Jay, better know as the reluctant co-host on Like It Or Not with Michael Lane, and welcome to my blog “Tee Jay’s Corner”! I’m truly excited to start this journey of posting my views of relationships, whether about starting a relationship, maintaining a relationship, marriage and divorce and also throw in a few non-relationship posts and a few podcasts.

In regards to the relationship posts, of course I am not a guru or counselor of any type, but I do give my perspective of situations. Sometimes I may need your help as well, so feel free to add your comments below the blog if you have an alternative opinion or advice! If you have a question that you would like to ask anonymously regarding a personal relationship or just a general relationship question, please feel free to email me at teejaythecohost@gmail.com. I will answer your question and give you my honest opinion or advice.

Now I am not guaranteeing that it will be the right advice or so for your situation, but it may guide you to a solution, think twice about your situation or it ma

y just be the right thing for you to hear to set your mind at ease and to take whatever steps (peaceful measures) to take to resolve your situation. Now if I do end up stumped by the question you pose to me, I may ask for my followers’ to opine. All questions will be posted anonymously and with your permission.

Thank you for reading my introduction! Please spread the news about my blog and don’t hesitate to participate! Every week I will post a new question, situation or random topic. I may get hyped and post more than that! Either way, please sign up to be on our email list so you won’t miss out on joining in!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the rest of Smack Tongue! You can listen to all of the wonderful artists on rotation, or you can check out Like It Or Not with Michael Lane Tuesdays through Wednesday 8pm and 11pm EST. Michael Lane spins new Indie Music, interviews Independent Artists  (Models, Authors, Actors and Music Artists) and can have some pretty controversial talk! So tune in! Have a great day and until next post, much love to you all!


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