When you are tired of your job

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When you are tired of your job

Ugh! It is Sunday night and you are dreading to go into the place that supplies the monies for the roof over your head and the food in the fridge Monday morning. It seems as though the weekend goes so quickly that you are saying to yourself “Can I start over? I wasn’t ready!”  Every step you take to get yourself ready for the week feels like you are making plans for a short term jail sentence, EVERY FIVE DAYS! What can you do to stop this dreadful feeling, or will you be going through this until the retirement age of 85?
If you feel like this, there are many more that are feeling the pain right along with you, but what can you do about it? How can you continue to go to a job that elevates your stress and blood pressure levels, yet you need it because this is your only source of income and you didn’t save enough to sustain you/your family for six months? Of course quitting without another job in line isn’t an option, so what would be “Plan B?”  I have been in this situation and it is was not a fun adventure! I have quit a job at the wrong time (the last recession) and ended up not finding a full-time position until three years later.  Thank goodness I had saved enough to get me through as I didn’t need that much, but still, it was not fun trying to budget every little thing! It made me a better budgeter though! I was terrible at first, but that made me pinch and scrutinize where every penny was going.
Now I am currently going through this patch again of not being fulfilled in the position that I am in now. It is getting kind of stressful, but thank God that He have given me the thoughts on how to combat this feeling every Sunday night:
  1. Be grateful that you have a job!
As hard as it may be to do, be grateful that you have this job to go to. Many people are still struggling to find a part-time job. I know that you may say “well they can have this one”, but where would that leave you especially if you don’t have all your ducks in a row? Be thankful that you do have income to keep you/your family with a roof over your head and the heat/air on! I often say that I am grateful for this job when I am on my way to work or just before I lay down to sleep. It does eases the dreaded feeling.
  1. Treat yourself on payday!
This have worked wonders for me! Every other payday I would go treat myself to what I wanted. To have the means of doing that put a smile on my face for the moment. I am a purse fanatic, so sometimes I would treat myself to a purse and then look at it at work to remind me that I can do this every once in a while for me! It feels good when you can go and do that, unfortunately you would lose that little bit of luxury if you would quit all of a sudden.
  1. Spruce up your resume and hit the bricks!
Now if none of the two suggestions work for you, time to hit them job sites up and get to finding you something else! But before you do, ask yourself if you want to go into the same position that you are leaving. You wouldn’t want to go back to the same position that you are leaving would you? See if the skills that you have now can be transferred into a different position. Say that if you are a teller for a bank, transfer them skills to work for a financial IT company and be an item processor.
  1. Become your own boss!
This will require you to stay at your job a little while longer, especially if you need the capital to start your new adventure. Find your niche, research it thoroughly and go for it! Wait until you see that your business is going good enough to support you and then BOOM give that two week notice (don’t want to burn any bridges). It may take some sleepless weekends to get it up and going, but oh will it be well worth it! The other suggestions that I have given are good, but nothing beats you deciding what you want to do at the time you want to do it!
Well those are my quick suggestions that I have for anyone that stumbled across this blog. Now I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to voice your suggestions on how you would handle this as my suggestion may not fit anyone else’s, but yours may be spot on. You can comment below, or you can email me at  teejaythecohost@gmail.com. Thank you so much for reading and God Bless!


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  1. Michael Lane Michael Lane says:

    Wow! GREAT advice. Maybe you should become a motivational speaker. 😉

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