About Us

A Place For All Independent Artists

Smack Tongue? What is a Smack Tongue? We get asked this question a lot and well, it is just a name! We just thought of it on a night of drinking and came up with this cool, different and kind of catchy name for a website.

Smack Tongue is an independent movement of many forms. An online magazine, a radio station and a website that is dedicated to showcase (or shine a light on) the extraordinary talents of ALL indie artists! Whether it’s singers, bands, producers, authors, fashion designers, models, dancers, small business owners or even politicians, Smack Tongue provides a much needed service to expose you to people all around the world! Best of all, we don’t do that “pay to play” crap! For indie music artist, you submit your music to us, we play your music to our listening audience as long as it is agreed upon that the music you submit is an original song and that you give us permission to play your music royalty free! For ALL independent artists, we give you the floor to tell the world about your music, business, modeling, etc. by interviewing you and asking in-depth questions!

So please keep your eyes open for new posts and your ears open for new indie music right here on smacktongue.com! Much love to you all!